Our goal is to provide a supportive environment in which children can begin to learn and practice appropriate and acceptable behaviors as individuals and as a group.  While young children are being cared and nurtured in our safe environment, their ideas and creativity are always valued.

    We help children to solve their own problems by encouraging them to use words.

We allow children to express all their feelings both positive and negative ways.  Our staff listens to children and helps them to deal with their feelings.  Caregivers use positive guidance that directs children on what to do.  For example, “please use walking feet”, instead of “don’t run.” 

We redirect children with positive guidance when they are involved in a fight with other child.  For instance, “how do you think Sam is feeling after being pushed?  You can play with another truck.”  Our aim is to give gentle reminders and redirecting a child to the appropriate choice when behavior is unacceptable with other children.  For example, “let’s see what Leah is building with the blocks.”

Regardless on any condition, our daycare staff prohibits using any of these following methods:

1.             Hitting or using physical punishment.

2.             Verbally abusing or insulting a child.

3.             Withholding food or drink from a child.

4.             Restraining a child in a crib stroller or highchair.

 In addition, we will follow the Michigan Rules and Guidelines at all times.

(R400.1804: Prohibits any form of punishment) 

Vacation Policy

There is no credit or deductions for absences due to illness or vacation, state and Federal holiday.  These holidays are as follow:

-    Eid-al-Fitr (Islamic)

-    Eid-al-Adha (Islamic)

-    Labor Day

-    Thanksgiving Day

-    Christmas Day

-    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

-    Memorial Day

-    Independence Day 


Lily Daycare will remain closed for two weeks annually as staff will need to take vacation with their family.  Parents will not be charged for these two weeks.  Parents will be notified two weeks ahead of staff break, so they can arrange temporarily care for their child.

Food, Clothes, and Supplies

Food: Parents need to provide food each day for their infants.  For toddlers and preschoolers, a  breakfast, lunch and one snack will be provided. Your child may bring a snack to share in the classroom.

Clothes:  Each child will be provided with a drawer in which to keep his or her personal belongings.  Parents should send an blanket, pillow, extra set of clothes, including socks, bibs and underpants to keep at the daycare to be used when a change is necessary.

Supplies: Parents are responsible for providing his/her child’s disposable diapers and disposable wipes to daycare.


Supervision of Children

Our family day care home provides safe and learning environment for 6 or less children.  Our main goal is to provide a supportive environment in which young children can begin to learn and practice appropriate and acceptable behaviors. 

Our main concern is to provide safe and nurturing care for infants and toddlers.  Our program offers thoughtfully planned activities for infants and toddlers throughout the day that includes physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual development.  Singing, drawing, finger playing, stories, large motor activity (outdoor) sensory activity (water, painting, play dough) are part of our daily routines.

Young children require care and supervision at all time.  While in our care, children will have the primary caregiver who shows their interest and provides the loving attention towards feeding, diapering, one-to-one correspondence and further scheduled activities.  Walk-out basement is used to care for children and they will be supervised all the time.  Following procedures will be followed to make sure that all the children are safe, supervised, and accounted for all times:

1.  The Name-to-Face roster will be kept current at all times and will include the handwritten list of names of all children.

(a)        The caregiver will add the name of the child on the Name-to-face roster when the child enters the classroom.

(b)        The caregiver will cross out the name once the child is picked up by parent/guardian.

(c)        The child will be only released to a person whose names are on the emergency list card, if parent/guardian are not picking up.

 2.  The Name-to-roster will be used all the times to ensure that all the children are counted and identified each time they are transferred from indoors to outdoors for playing, walking, field trips or any other outdoor activity and when they are brought back inside the daycare.  A physical count and Name-to-Face recognition of all the children will be done each time children are moved from indoors to outdoors or from outdoors to indoors.

 3.             Incase of primary caregiver’s illness or an emergency purpose, the qualified substitute caregiver will follow the same procedures as listed above to supervise all the children all the time.  No child will be ignored or unattended during the hours of operation.  Qualified assistant caregivers will be hired when needed to keep the proper ratios.


BUSINESS NO:  734-644-0905

Directions:  East of Carpenter Rd on MI Ave
Head south on Crane Rd,  Right on Crane Rd, then Left on Hickory Pointe.




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