Our goal is to provide a supportive environment in which children can begin to learn and practice appropriate and acceptable behaviors as individuals and as a group.  While young children are being cared and nurtured in our safe environment, their ideas and creativity are always valued.

We help children to solve their own problems by encouraging them to use words.

We allow children to express all their feelings both positive and negative ways.  Our staff listens to children and helps them to deal with their feelings.  Caregivers use positive guidance that directs children on what to do.  For example, “please use walking feet”, instead of “don’t run.” 

We redirect children with positive guidance when they are involved in a fight with other child.  For instance, “how do you think Sam is feeling after being pushed?  You can play with another truck.”  Our aim is to give gentle reminders and redirecting a child to the appropriate choice when behavior is unacceptable with other children.  For example, “let’s see what Leah is building with the blocks.”

Regardless on any condition, our daycare staff prohibits using any of these following methods:

1.             Hitting or using physical punishment.

2.             Verbally abusing or insulting a child.

3.             Withholding food or drink from a child.

4.             Restraining a child in a crib, stroller, or highchair.

In addition, we will follow the Michigan Rules and Guidelines at all times.(R400.1804: Prohibits any form of punishment)

Reserving a Spot: After you have toured our day care and wish to enroll your child, speak with the director to make sure the daycare has opening in the program you want.  You may reserve your child’s spot by signing a contract and making a non-refundable deposit fee of $50. 



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